View MAC Eyewear's stunning portfolio of optical frames... 

Specs by Prue 
Inspired by Dame Prue Leith's vibrant style, the Specs by Prue collection offers stunning shapes and spectacular colourations. 
An Outspoken frame has its own identity. Idiosyncratic, colourful, and striking. In essence, glasses which ensure that you get noticed. 
Ronit Fürst 
Each Ronit Fürst frame is hand painted. Allowing the creators to produce almost every pattern and colour combination imaginable. 
Designed for aesthetics and comfort, Exalto frames are thin, lightweight, using materials such as carbon fibre, wood and titanium. 
iGreen - Bespoke (eco) 
Where style meets sustainability. Committed to the environment, iGreen provides eco-friendly, bespoke eyewear. 
O•SIX - Bespoke (eco) 
O•SIX offers you the freedom of expression. Choose from 100 frame shapes, 500+ colours, three frame sizes, and two temple lengths. 
Coco Song (by Area98) 
Coco Song creates luxury eyewear delivering an unparalleled artistic masterpiece in each and every limited edition frame. 
CCS (by Area98) 
The CCS collection is considerably lightened, with a fresh and bright take for those that are looking for effervescent and chic. 
La Matta (by Area98) 
Bold, intriguing hues, animal prints and colours inspired by the wild, with a tasteful pop of detail. Perfect for the larger than life personality. 
KAOS (by Area98) 
For the original disruptor, eyewear for the unabashed anarchist. Juxtaposed ideas in comfortable materials. It's KAOS! 
Genesis (by Area98) 
A collection inspired by the art world and in particular, by pop art. Specifically, inspired by abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock. 
OKKI Atelier 
An exclusive collection of glasses made with the fabrics of Italian fashion. OKKI Atelier is known for premium quality and exclusivity. 
Based in Normandy and known for colourful and geometrical frames, using acetate, metal and titanium to create stunning eyewear. 
J.F. Rey Petite 
Smaller than the J.F. Rey collection, offering a comfortable fit and a harmonious aesthetic, enhancing facial features. 
J.F. Rey 
J.F. Rey frames are designed by Mr Jean-François Rey; known as one of the greatest French designers of top end eyeglass frames. 
OVVO Optics 
Handmade eyewear, using surgical stainless steel, titanium and diamond-like carbon to create durable and lightweight eyewear. 
Premium quality, combined with a touch of audacity, technicality, and a harmonious blend of colour, style and individuality. 
OKKI Colours 
Inventive, evocative, diverse and colourful - welcome to the world of OKKI Colours. Bold, variable or subtle; colour is OKKI's foundation. 
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