MAC Eyewear Genesis by Area98 

Genesis Art is a breathtaking eyewear collection inspired by pop art, in particular by the master expressionist, Jackson Pollock. 

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” Oscar Wilde. 

Genesis Art is an eyewear range inspired by the art world and, in particular, by pop art. Indeed, Genesis' new range is inspired by the master of the abstract expressionist movement, Jackson Pollock, who is world-famous thanks to the unmistakable style of his works. 
“Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.” 
Jackson Pollock. 

Style meets modern art... 

Any work of art is based upon a union of different elements that alternate and blend to create something sublime. This is also the case with Genesis frames; the bonding technique involves multiple pieces of acetate that come together to create original, ever-changing textures. Resulting in glasses that are true masterpieces. 
3D digital printing is used in Genesis frames to create unique, creative patterns; this high-resolution printing not only provides super-definition details and unmatched brightness of colour, shape and texture, but also allows you to feel the thickness of the design when you touch the frame. A truly innovative solution that takes traditional painting media and repurposes them in a digital version. 
Bright colours, optical effects, abstract patterns, unusual combinations and unconventional shapes are just some of the features of this art genre. Genesis takes them and reworks them in its glasses, turning each model into works of art you can wear every day.  
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