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"The higher you go, the further you see, and the more you can dream." 
iGreen Custom 
iGreen Eyewear - where style meets sustainability. With a commitment to the environment, iGreen creates eco-friendly, bespoke eyewear. 
As we all become more environmentally aware, the need for more eco-conscious eyewear increases. With this in mind, MAC Eyewear has sourced a bespoke, eco-friendly collection which helps to save raw materials and energy. 

Eco and bespoke... 

Of all the collections we could have imagined, we are astounded to have sourced such a valuable collection, and since its launch in 2020 we have had an equally uplifting response, which is just the reaction we were hoping for. 
We believe that bespoke collections will feature significantly in the future of optics. Therefore, our partnership with iGreen is one that we are particularly proud of. iGreen eyewear is the outcome of years of research and experience, combining a unique blend of style and technology. iGreen's brand is founded upon a clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable future, yielding bespoke, quality frames which, in comparison with other eyewear manufacturers, require less water and less electrical energy in its production - what's not to like. The new revolutionary polymer gives iGreen eyewear incredible lightness and flexibility, making iGreen unrivalled in the marketplace. 

iGreen eyewear features... 

Eco eyewear: With eco conscious acetates, manufactured from cotton. With a revolutionary process, so that every frame is made using 50% less water and 50% less electricity. 
Bespoke collection: 
All frames weigh 5g 
Over 90 shapes 
500 colours 
3 sizes of fronts 
2 or 3 sizes of bridges 
4 side lengths 
All frames available in either a matt or gloss finish 
Nose pads optional 
Laser cut name engraving feature 
All frames are sent with the remainder of their acetate sheet, so that the end consumer can be 100% confident that their frame of choice has been made just for them. It is then possible for the acetate sheet remainder to be recycled. 
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