As we begin the new year, I'm taking a look at the upcoming eyewear trends for 2023. I do this not only because I'm passionate about great eyewear but because it makes up a significant part of my job. As a columnist for Optometry Today and Company Ambassador for MAC Eyewear, I need to keep my finger on the fashion pulse and interpret the jargon so we know in simple terms what to expect for the new season. 
My research shows that there are three distinct trends for the new season. Here, I'm taking at look in more detail at one of those trends. The other two, I will share in subsequent posts.  
Standout Trend for 2023: Design Wise  
I'll be honest and say I found this eyewear trend quite hard to interpret! I think Kind Design is perhaps a better name than Design Wise. This trend encompasses sustainable, innovative designs which combine high-tech processes with artistic craftsmanship. It values details and leans towards a colour palette that evokes harmony and calm.  
JFRey's exquisite designs immediately sprung to mind. In clothing terms, this is akin to high performance sportswear and yoga pants: technical , intelligent materials for zen-like comfort. 
Elizabeth Yeowart-Montgomery is a practising optometrist. She works in independent optometric practice in North Yorkshire. She is company ambassador for MAC Eyewear and writes an eyewear column for the print journal Optometry Today. Read her life and style blog What Lizzy Loves, and follow her on Instagram @whatlizzyloves. 
All eyewear shown is by J. F. Rey 
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